Natural Predators SAFE Chemicals?

Chemicals which are generaly safe for most of the natural predators (ALWAYS READ PRODUCT LABEL);

White Fly;

bullet Admiral (Pyriproxifen)
bullet Applaud (Buprofesin)
bullet Calypso (Thiacloprid)

Two spotted mite / red spider;

bullet Apollo (Clofentezin)
bullet Calibre (Hexythiazox)

Harmful for natural predators, but could be used as an spot spraying;

bullet Soap
bullet Oils
bullet Sanmite (Pyridaben)
bullet Chess (Pymethrozine)

Harmful for natural predators, have to wait long for reintroduction;

bullet Methomyl (Lanate)
bullet Confidor (Imidacloprid)
bullet Nitofol (Methamidophos)
bullet Folimat (Omethoate