What We Do

Turba Peat is a Qatar based company focused on receiving, processing and marketing recyclable organic resources.

Our vision is to be a regional leader in sustainable and innovative organics recycling. We have a passion for organics recycling and the creation of valuable landscaping, garden and horticultural products that has given us a reputation as a true ‘green sector’ company.

Organics recycling

We currently receive and process most of Qatar’s green organics through business collections. Our vision for the future is to include food organics from hotels, supermarkets, schools, office buildings, food processors and manufacturers.

Landscape and garden supplies

In addition to our compost, We offer a range of popular SAB-Germany products, such as peat moss and potting soil products. These are available at AG Middle East farm in Shehwanya or provided directly to landscapers, civil contractors, schools, local government organisations and home gardeners. For larger jobs, bulk landscape products can often be spread in cooperation with our partner AG Middle East service.

Custom made products

Our knowledgeable team can also arrange and supply custom blends. We can develop products that suit most situations;

Maher Jabado, Making the world greener